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Every sale of our Premium products ensures the Grav team can put more time into developing and supporting the open source Grav CMS. This in turn benefits everyone!

Our Premium Products

Grav Premium is an exclusive collection of plugins and themes the Grav team has built to enhance your site by providing additional functionality beyond the scope of Grav itself. Our products are covered by the Grav Premium License.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us directly via

  • All our products are covered by the Grav Premium License unless otherwise noted.

  • No, per the Grav Premium License you are issued a license key for each product. That license key can be used on a single site only. If you want to use one of our premium products on another site, you need to purchase another license key.

  • Yes, development environments, and even staging servers can use the same license key as the final production site. Only the production site is counted as the single site for the license key.

    Some examples:

    • If you have two subdomains and each points to an individual Grav instance, then that requires two licenses.
    • If you have two subdomains that are configured to point to different parts of a single Grav instance, then only one license is needed.
    • You have a single site (, but you also have a staging server copy of this site (, and a localhost copy for development (foo.local). They all run the same site, just in various phases of development/workflow. Only one license is required for this setup.
    • If you have a multi-site setup on a single Grav instance, where plugins are shared between subsites, that would only require one license.
    • If you have a multi-site setup on a single Grav instance, where plugins are NOT shared between subsites, that would require multiple licenses per site.
  • Yes, please use our Recover License functionality by entering your email address. You should receive a copy of all the licenses associated with that email address.

  • Yes, you should receive an email with your receipt and license key within a few minutes from purchase and from Trilby Media LLC <noreply[at]>. If you never received one, make sure you check the Spam folder or contact us.

  • After the purchase you will receive an email as receipt that includes your license key. In the email, clicking on "Need an invoice for this? Generate", will take you to a webpage were you can customize the header of the invoice to your needs as well as to save as PDF

  • Yes, as developers are generally working on their own local development environments, or on a single development server, the use is not counted towards the single site. However, those developers cannot use the license key for their own personal sites or projects.

  • Absolutely, when you go through the payment process you will notice a little gift icon () next to the email address. When you click on it, you will be able to pick a recipient and a message.

    This will also work great if you intend to purchase licences as part of a giveway or gift to a lucky friend.

  • Most products have their own license key, it is possible that the purchase of a single product actually provides access to multiple products with that single license key. However, all the products included with that single license key are still bound by the same rules of a single product. In short, it means that these multiple products can still only be used for a single site.

  • Yes, as long as you remove the license and product from the previous site.

    We don't require you to register an association of your site to the license key, but we have automated tools that will flag any license that is used on different sites. We may contact you or even disable your license key, if it appears like the license key is being abused.

  • Yes, after you have added your license keys to your site via the license-manager plugin, you will be able to install the products via GPM like other plugins and themes.

    If you do not use the admin, you can manually install the license file the filesystem and CLI version of GPM will function in the same way as the admin version. The manual installation process is outlined in the License Information page that you can reach by clicking the button in your confirmation email.

  • With a valid license, updates work like any other plugin. You will be notified if a new version is available in the admin, and then you will simply click the update button to install the latest version. This is possible becuase your license is validated before any installation or update is downloaded.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the license keys are a one-time purchase, and will last indefinitely. This allows you to receive unlimited updates as they become available.

  • We have a setup a dedicated Premium Issue Tracker where you can ask questions. This tracker is intended for owners of licensed products only. For general questions or presale enquiries, please contact us directly.

  • Unfortunately we don’t have any built-in mechanism to address institution purchases, however please contact us from your .edu email address or provide us with a scan of your educational ID card before purchasing, and we can provide you with a 15% off coupon.

  • All revenue generated will go to Trilby Media, LLC, the business that created and supports Grav CMS.

    We currently subsidize Grav development by doing custom development work and consulting for clients. However, as consulting of this kind is based on a per-hour model, it means every hour of paid development work, is one hour less to work on Grav development, attend to issues, provide support etc. As products are inherently resellable, and not based on a per-hour model, our hope is that the revenue generated from sales will allow us to put more time into Grav itself.

    In short, any product you purchase is going to make Grav CMS better!