Site Toolbox

A bundle of useful tools for developers

The Grav Site Toolbox, is a bundle of useful plugins that help take your site to the next level. This currently contains SVG Icons, Warm Cache, and Zapier RSS plugins. We plan on dropping new plugins into the toolbox over the coming months.

SVG Icons

1.6 compatible 1.7 compatible

A useful plugin that allows you to quickly integrate over 2400 SVG icons into your site and content. Tabler provides over 800 miscellaneous icons, Simple Icons provides over 1400 popular brands icons, while HeroIcons provides over 200 but in both outline and solid variations.

  1. Provides built-in Twig + Shortcode syntax for adding icons
  2. Fully supports NextGen WYSIWYM Editor shortcode support
  3. Tabler, HeroIcons, Simple Icons + Social icons currently included
  4. Fully configurable via classes to make use of Tailwind CSS styling

Warm Cache

1.7 compatible

A great utility plugin to quickly warm your cache so your users don't have to. Particularly useful if you lots of image-heavy pages that Grav has to process when cache is cleared. Warm Cach plugin allow you to pre-cache your entire site in one shot.

  1. Useful tool that leverages the Sitemap plugin to run through your site and warm the cache
  2. Utilizing the power of concurrent connections to quickly hit every page on yours site
  3. Simple Admin Quick Tray icon to warm the cache via Ajax or via CLI command
  4. Optionally auto-warm cache when you clear the cache via the Admin or CLI commands

Zapier RSS

1.6 compatible 1.7 compatible

Provides a custom Zapier-centric RSS feed for integration to Zapier to easily automate content actions with other platforms.

  1. Auto-post new Grav blog posts to Facebook with a simple integration
  2. Turn some content in in a news feed into Twitter tweets with via a dedicated feed
  3. Grav page-level configurations allow for different custom zapier integration solutions throughout your site
  4. Utilizes robust and standardized RSS format to ensure forward compatibility with Zapier integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the Site Toolbox plugin

  • The next plugin we have lined up is called Likes Ratings. This is a plugin that allows people to rate or vote on anything in Grav. More details coming soon...

    We commonly create plugins for our custom clients that solve particular problems. If we feel this plugin would be useful for other people, it has a good chance of ending up in Site Toolbox going forward.

  • No, one license for Site Toolbox plugin is valid for a single site installation, whether you use just one or all of the plugins on that site. It's a bundle and that can't be split between multiple sites.