Image Optimize

1.7 compatible

Simplify your workflow and skip manual image optimization for all your images in your Grav site. Image Optimize provides a simple interface to see the current size of all your images, and easily compress your images using a variety of Image Compression services. Compare the original to the compressed version, and even roll-back the compression if you are not pleased with the results.

  1. Optimize all the image in your Grav site via a single user interface
  2. Choose from 3 powerful Image Optimziation APIs:, Tinify, and
  3. Optimize any image you chose, or use Bulk Optimization to optimize non-optimized or all images
  4. Visually inspect the optimized image compared to the original with an easy-to-use slider-based comparison UI
  5. The ability to revert any optimization with a single click
  6. Tinify provides the best optimization and is competitively priced and supports JPG, PNG as well as modern WEBP images
  7. is 100% free to use with no registration and supports JPG, PNG, and GIF (including animated) formats
  8. is reasonably priced and supports JPG, PNG, and GIF (including animated) formats
  9. Supports keeping or stripping out EXIF data for improved compression and optimization
  10. Customize the level of compression you want to use for the image optimization process
  11. Exclude arbitrary directories from the image optimization process

Bulk Optimization

Image Optimize is an all-in-one plugin that makes it dead simple to easily optimize any image on your site. As it optimized in-place, there is no fussing around with uploading to 3rd party web services, optimizing, and then downloading, then replacing the image on your site. It is as easy as choosing the images you want to optimize, and then clicking a single button!

Bulk Optimization
Convenient Image Comparison

Convenient Image Comparison

Image optimize includes a super convenient image comparison feature to compare the original against the optimized image to ensure the optimization doesn't cause any unexpected issues. If the optimized image is not to your liking, you can simply click the revert button to quickly undo any optimizations and restore the original image.

Simple Optimization

Simple Optimization

Quickly perform optimization of any image in your grav site by clicking the compress button, and instantly see the optimized size and percent savings. There are also Bulk Optimization options to optimize selected, all, or un-optimized images.