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An essential tool for getting to grips with SEO on your site. Builds on top of Grav's features to automatically generate SEO-friendly OpenGraph tags for beautiful embedding. Fast site crawling and analysis of all pages with per-page customization of all elements, as well as SEO Report that can help you isolate problem-areas in your SEO strategy.

  1. Automatically generate meta and OpenGraph tags for embedding on other sites
  2. Automatic generation of unique page screenshots via WebShot service for meta image used in embeds
  3. Generate Twitter and Facebook specific OpenGraph tags
  4. Global level configuration settings with page-level overrides for maximum flexibility
  5. Automatically add robots meta tag if a robots.txt file is not found
  6. High performance architecture that crawls and pre-processes SEO page data asynchronously
  7. Automatically generate descriptions and keywords used for meta tags
  8. Multi-language aware and compatible with enhancements coming soon
  9. Support for PHP.Science Textrank algorithm for generating descriptions
  10. Ability to add, or replace custom keywords to generated keywords
  11. Ability to define custom CSS selectors to target HTML tags used to generate automatic content
  12. Custom User Agent string to allow you to remove data crawls from analytics
  13. Utilizes Grav's sitemap plugin to crawl and generate SEO data
  14. High-performance parallel multi-connection crawling generates results fast!
  15. Easy access to data generation via CLI command and Admin plugin configuration, plus quick-tray
  16. Flexible meta image options including WebShot, Page-image, Page-attribute, Automatic
  17. Comprehensive page-level SEO Report covers: Metadata, CSS Stylesheets, JavaScript, Header tag usage, Semantic HTML, bad HTML, content images, content links, and provides a summary of the keyword usages in content
OpenGraph Preview

OpenGraph Preview

See a dynamic representation of your OpenGraph card as seen when embedded in other sites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Discord, MS Teams, etc. SEO Magic provides the ability to use the existing HTML title, or a custom title and description.

What's Your Score?

What's Your Score?

The SEO Magic Report is automatically generated and can help you address issues and optimize your content to ensure strong SEO performance. The report is based on SEO best-practices and helps you identify short falls in Metadata, CSS Stylesheets, JavaScript, Header tag usage, Semantic HTML, bad HTML, content images, content links. The report also provides a summary of the keyword usages in content and even a debug log of your page crawl.

High-Performance Crawling

High-Performance Crawling

SEO Magic is powered by asychronous data crawling that ensures maximum performance for your site because this work doesn't need to be done on-page-load. This crawling process is also heavily optimized using multiple parallel connections to quickly and efficiently crawl your website. This also has the side-benefit of pre-populating your site's cache.

Full Control

Full Control

SEO Magic has flexible configuration options that set your preferences site-wide. When you navigate to a page you will have access to a dedicated SEO Magic tab that allows you to override the settings for that page as well as directly access the SEO Report for that page.

Sample SEO Report

This is the kind of detail you can expect to find in the report you will be able to access and review for every page on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the SEO Magic plugin

  • We have lots of great features planned for upcoming releases of SEO magic. Once purchased, you will be able to update SEO Magic whenever you like to get access to the new functionality. Below is a working list of things we plan on bringing to SEO Magic in the near future:

    • Site-wide broken-link report
    • Multi-language is currently working with generated data and changing languages but requires saving the page. Future improvements will focus on the crawler that collects the multi-language data.
    • Move to lang strings for translation support
    • Support for admin themes
    • Per page summary report with resolution steps
    • Keyword density score
    • Quick CLI-based summary report
    • Additional SEO impacting elmenents taken into account in the report
    • Improve printability of the report, perhaps a PDF version for clients
    • More configuration option for WebShot page screenshot snapshot service
    • Global report option. This will generate a high level report of your entire site
    • Improved scoring algorithm
    • Quick Score View in flex pages context menu
    • Lazy-loading or other performance improvements when generating a report
  • Note yet, but if you look at the "What is coming soon..." item above, you will see that is on our list of features we plan to add soon.

  • Due to limitations in the Grav admin, printing via the browser is not currently possible. We plan on developing a solution to solve this in an upcoming release.

  • We have compiled an extensive list of SEO best-practices and the closer you come to following all the best practices, the closer to 100% your score will be. This is not an absolute score that guarantees SEO ranking, it just is based on automated test we can do following various best practices. Every search engine has it's own proprietary SEO ranking logic, and it's carefully guarded for obvious reasons. If you have a strong SEO Report score, along with solid content, and quality in-bound and out-bound links, you should be in great shape SEO-wise!