Algolia Pro

1.7 compatible

Algolia Pro takes searching your Grav site to the next level by seamlessly integrating your Grav content with the leading-edge AI-powered search engine service. Agolia is used by over 10,000 businesses to power their search and there's nothing that beats the flexibility and speed, all at a reasonable price.

Algolia Pro makes integrating with this service a breeze, with built-in functionality for Smart Indexing to reduce your API usage, and Vue-based InstantSearch for fast and configurable querying. Fully customizable, it supports Grav Pages out-of-the-box, but can work with any FlexObject-based data, and even supports Crawling content.

  1. Easily integrate the class-leading Agolia Search with your Grav content. No coding needed!
  2. Stunningly fast indexing
  3. Exclusive Smart Indexing to only update Algolia's Search Index with a portion of your page that needs indexing. This greatly reduces the number of API calls, and reduces your costs compared to standard indexing.
  4. Built-in support for Pages Indexing and Page Crawler Indexing
  5. Powerful events to extend the indexing functionality
  6. Build your own custom indexing classes by extending the included base functionality
  7. Auto-reindex individual pages with self-aware on-save events
  8. Multi-language support for separate indexes and specific or combined queries
  9. Scheduled indexing via the Grav Scheduler
  10. CLI-based indexing and querying to fully develop, test, and automate your search integration
  11. Fully customize the CLI options available by utilizing Algolia Pro's CLI events
  12. With Page TOC plugin installed, Algolia Pro automatically maps page content headers, allowing to index linkable anchors and jump straight to the context.
  13. Built on top of Vue InstantSearch, the modern and responsive Search UI is entirely customizable.
  14. Keyboard trigger and navigation through search results.
    Trigger ( K / CTRL K), arrow navigation ( / ), selection () and closing (esc)
  15. Supports any Widgets available with Vue InstantSearch, built-in Highlight, Pagination, Stats and more
  16. Light/Dark/System appearance modes
  17. Customizable Accent color to quickly match the search UI with your site
  18. Powerful inheritance configuration allows to have children automatically inherit the parent configuration
  19. Optional Preview panel for search results with summary of result content and "On This Page" section

Smart Indexing

Algolia Pro features a system we call Smart Indexing that tracks the indexing payload that we send to Algolia. If this payload doesn't change, we don't send it again. This is particularly powerful when combined with Algolia Pro's ability to split page content into smaller chunks and even link directly to HTML headers closest to the relevant search results. It means that you can update a small portion of your page, and only the relevant chunk will be re-indexed by Algolia.

This makes things run faster, and also cuts down on the API calls, saving you money!

CLI Indexing

Index your site directly from the CLI at a lighting fast speed!


Algolia Search

Beautiful and modern search modal that fill the real estate of the browser and focus on the search results.


Pick from a Light, Dark style or let it automatically decide for your users based on their system settings.

Furthermore, thanks to the advanced inheritance config system, you can also have some pages set to light and others to dark. The choice is yours.


This fully optional and totally customizable Preview panel comes with a summary of the breadcrumb, title, content and "On This Page" sections that will help your users focus better on the type of content they are looking for.


Accent Colors

Easily pick an accent color from the color-picker and make the search experience matching your site in a matter of seconds.

If you feel adventurous, you can redesign the whole look. Just create your custom stylesheet and use it instead of the built-in one.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about Algolia Pro

  • Algolia is a powerful service that is constantly adding features and functionality. We intend to keep our Algolia Pro plugin updated with any useful functionality that Algolia develops. We also have some functionality that is independent of the Algolia Search service that we plan on adding support for soon:

    • The ability to select an index or indexes to query directly from the search interface
    • Keyboard trigger and navigation through search results.
      Trigger ( K / CTRL K), arrow navigation ( / ), selection () and closing (esc)
    • Add optional debounce setting to delay by 250ms the searching when the user types
    • Basic Algolia stats/information in the admin UI
    • Updating Algolia Pro to support relevant Algolia features as they become available
  • Yes you certainly need at least a basic/free account to use Algolia Pro. Algolia Pro provides the functionality to integrate Algolia itself quickly and easily in to your Grav site. Signup here if you don't have an account already. Further instructions on how to create an Algolia Application can be found in the Frontend Docs section.

  • Per the Grav Premium License, you need to have a license for each use

  • Yes, Algolia Pro is fully customizable and there are several levels of customization available. Check out the Backend Docs for full details and examples.

  • Yes, the query interface can be fully configured and customized to suite your needs. Please check out the Frontend Docs for full details and examples on how to achieve this.

  • Algolia Pro supports the Grav Scheduler to run periodic tasks. Alternatively you can use your system's cron functionality to run the CLI index command if that fits your workflow better.

  • Algolia Pro has a Smart Indexing feature that tracks index payloads locally on the server. If a payload is the same as a previously indexed one, it will be skipped. This can dramatically reduce the number of API calls when indexing, saving you money and giving you the ability to setup a more frequent indexing schedule so your search stays up to date with your content.

    Please refer to the Algolia Usage Limits documentation for more details for more information.

  • Algolia Pro uses the Algolia API to index and query, and these calls count towards your Algolia usage. However, Algolia Pro's Smart Indexing can dramatically reduce the number of calls made.

    Please refer to the Algolia Usage Limits documentation for more details for more information.