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Grav is not your average CMS. It's an open source, flat-file NoDB CMS written for PHP 7.3.6+ that is focused on being crazy fast, easy to learn and use, with powerful features to enable it be easily extended.

Content is just simple markdown files in folders, with no complicated databases to deal with. A powerful API and extensive hooks allow for plugins to extend Grav and a comprehensive package manager provides easy installation and updating of extensions. Flexible Twig templating allows easy realization of your designs.

Grav Logo

The Grav logo can be used in a variety of ways. The combined symbol and text logo together:

The Text logo by itself:

Or the Symbol logo by itself:

Download SVG and PNG versions in ZIP File (39 KB)

Grav Credits

If you wish to recognize Grav on your website please use the following code:

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