Typhoon Theme

High-performance Tailwind CSS theme

1.6 compatible 1.7 compatible

The most powerful theme ever built for Grav. Typhoon is built on top of Tailwind 2 CSS framework, and provides a flexible navigation architecture that allows for both dropdown and side-menu setups. It has the ability to provide customizable Hero sections on any page, and lets you easily configure logo and colors directly from the admin options.

  1. Built on top of Tailwind 2 CSS framework
  2. Includes Grav-friendly purge css feature to create high performance and optimized 'production' CSS files
  3. Fully responsive and built mobile-first
  4. Supports both Light & Dark themes
  5. Can use system settings, a specific variation, or user controlled light/dar theme preference
  6. User configurable 'primary' and 'default text' colors
  7. Flexible dropdown menu and side navigation support
  8. Home only + Site-wide Notices feature in theme configuration
  9. Responsive mobile menu with support for multiple levels of navigation
  10. Customizable logo including dynamic SVG logo support
  11. Configurable menu bar (auto, dark, light, transparent)
  12. Powerful Hero configuration for any page not just modular pages
  13. Built-in support for SimpleSearch plugin with live-search field for blog
  14. Fully configurable footer menu, social links, and copyright
  15. Clean default typography
  16. Blog Site example showcasing posts types
  17. One-page Site example showcasing the power of modular pages
  18. Rockets Site example with dropdown and sidemenu examples
  19. One-Page modular example with Lightbox Gallery gallery support + Contact form
Dynamic Theme Chooser

Dynamic Theme Chooser

Typhoon has full support for light and dark themes. You can select a default value for you preferred style as well as the ability to let the Operating System choose based on the system configuration setting. You can also allow your users to change the theme with via a theme selection option in the footer of every page. This value is stored in the browser to ensure you preference is used throughout the site.

Powerful Menu System

Powerful Menu System

Typhoon has a powerful menu system that automatically treats child-pages as dropdown menus. However, Typhoon also has the ability to treat child-pages as a secondary side menu and this behavior is configurable globally. You can also override the global behavior, and force a page's children to be displayed in the secondary side menu. This provides a very flexible and powerful menu system.

Mobile Navigation

Mobile Navigation

With full support for nested menu levels built-in to it's mobile-friendly menu, Typhoon is equipped to handle all of your responsive needs. Each level of menu hierarchy is expandable which allows for easy and intuitive navigation no matter the device you are using.

Quick Customization

Quick Customization

Quickly and easily customize your Hero for a specific page. In fact Typhoon has the ability to override almost everything at the page-level. So if you want the primary color to be red instead of the default blue, you can even customize that for a page, and all the children of that page will also inherit that setting. It's almost too easy!

Screenshots & Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the Typhoon Grav theme

  • We have lots of great features planned for upcoming releases of Typhoon. Once purchased, you will be able to update Typhoon whenever you like to get access to the new functionality. Below is a working list of things we plan on bringing to Typhoon in the near future:

    • Fixed header option
    • Animated hero options
    • Support for randomly rotating hero images
    • Background video in hero
    • Slide-in navigation
    • Option for full time 'responsive' navigation
    • Login support
    • Configurable favicon support
    • Improved multi-language support
    • Improved form styling options
  • Per the Grav Premium license Grav Premium License, you need to have a license for each use

  • You can both extend and/or modify Typhoon. You will still need a dedicated Typhoon license for each site however, even if you are modifying it.

  • Check out the Skeleton Packages section of the documentation.

  • Absolutely, there are 3 settings for the theme: light, dark, and system. The system option will dynamically set the theme based on your system's preference for light or dark, or even a dynamic setting based on the time of day.