2016 CMS Critic Award Nominations

Help Nominate Grav for the 2016 CMS Critic Awards

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It’s that time again, the CMS Critic Awards are coming and it’s time to nominate your favorite content management systems. Grav, which made it to the top three in multiple categories in the past, needs your help again this year to secure a spot on the voting card.

The CMS Critic Awards is an incredible honor to be a part of, and we are thankful for having been selected as one of the top candidates for Best Free CMS last year.

All you need to do to help us out is visit CMSCritic.com and nominate Grav in one or more categories that you feel we deserve to be in the running for.

Here are some categories our users have thoughtfully nominated us for in the past:

  • Best Free CMS

  • Best Open Source CMS

  • Best Education CMS

Be sure to just use Grav for the name of the production to nominate:

What does your nomination mean to us?

Like any new CMS, Grav depends greatly on its community to help spread the word about it, so more people can experience it and find out why Grav is a great choice for their next project.

The CMS Critic Awards is an incredible opportunity for us to not only help spread the word, but to empower our growing user community to let its voice be heard.

Simply put; it helps us introduce Grav to more people, including third-party plugin developers, theme designers, and other folks that can help bring more value to the platform and its users.

Please take a moment to let your voice be heard by heading over to CMSCritic.com and nominating Grav. It only takes a minute.

As always, thank you very much for being a part of the Grav community. Together, we can change the CMS world.

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