Grav Receives 2017 CMS Critic Award for Best Flat File CMS!

We did it again thanks to the amazing Grav community!

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Grav has received the 2017 CMS Critic award for Best Flat File CMS! This is the second year in a row for Grav to come away with an award. Last year, Grav received the Best Open Source CMS prize. This is the first year the flat file category has been available.

Grav has continued to grow at an incredible pace over the past year. We have just reached 8,000 stars on GitHub, and over 1,520 are participating in the official Grav chatroom.

The Grav community continues to prove how absolutely incredible it is. From spreading the word about Grav to providing feedback on new releases on GitHub, there is no end to the gratitude the Grav team has for every member of the community.

Additionally, during this past year Gantry 5 started supporting Grav. This gives Grav its first theming framework, making it easier than ever to create gorgeous, full-featured websites and themes for the CMS.

The CMS Critic awards are an annual tradition since 2012. Each year, the web community votes for their favorite CMS in several categories, theme providers, website builders, forum solutions, and more.

We’d like to acknowledge YOOTheme and RocketTheme for receiving first place and runner up for Best Theme Provider, respectively.

Grav was founded by members of the RocketTheme team, and it's the first premium theme provider to create themes for Grav on the powerful Gantry 5 framework.

How to Support Grav

If you'd like to support Grav's continued success, there are a number of ways to do so.

The first and probably most popular choice is to spread the word! Grav's growth is due almost entirely to word-of-mouth from its incredible community. Your tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, and even your mentions in day-to-day conversation mean the world to us. This additional awareness draws in developers whom create plugins, themes, and other tools for the platform. Grav gets better as it grows.

If you'd like to contribute to the financial needs of the Grav project, we have an Open Collective project up and running where you can easily do so. These contributions go towards bringing in talent, maintaining servers and other important infrastructure, and funding Grav's continued development and support.

You can also help out by supporting organizations that support Grav. Grav theme providers like RocketTheme and sponsors of the Open Collective project such as InspireTheme,, and SolAds Media, are also a big part of what makes Grav tick.

If you're a developer and you know of ways that Grav can improve, we are always looking for great contributions on GitHub.

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