Cloudflare Manager Documentation

Get started with Cloudflare Manager in few minutes

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Before you start

Before you can install a Premium Plugin, you are required to have the License Manager plugin installed. It is a free plugin available in GPM and can be installed like any other through the Plugin section of the admin plugin, or via command line.

$ bin/gpm install license-manager


First ensure you are running the latest version of Grav 1.7 (-f forces a refresh of the GPM index).

$ bin/gpm selfupgrade -f

Cloudflare Manager does not have any dependencies, so installation is a simple process of running the command:

$ bin/gpm install cloudflare

You can also install the plugin via the Plugins section in the admin plugin.


Cloudflare Manager has a very little configuration options, it only requires a Zone ID and an API Token.


  • Plugin status → Will enable or disable the entire plugin.

  • API Token → A Cloudflare Token authorized to perform API actions. Follow the Cloudflare: Create an API Token guide below to obtain one.

  • Zone ID → The Zone ID associated to the domain you want to manage. Follow the Cloudflare: Retrieve Zone ID guide below to retrieve it.

Cloudflare: Create an API Token

In order for Cloudflare Manager to be able to communicate with Cloudflare, it requires that an API Token. This can be easily generated on the Cloudflare site:

  1. First head to the API Tokens Section in your Profile and login
  2. Under the API Tokens section, Click the Create Token button
  3. Scroll to the Create Custom Token section and click Get Started

Now let's fill in the Custom Token:

  1. Token name: Cloudflare Manager (
  2. Permissions: We are going to require 5 of the Zone permissions:

    Type Endpoint Permissions
    Zone Zone Settings Edit
    Zone SSL and Certificates Edit
    Zone Cache Purge Purge
    Zone DNS Edit
    Zone Analytics Read
  3. Zone Resources (optional): This setting is optional but HIGHLY encouraged. It allows to limit the API Token interaction with just the selected domain and nothing else.

    Action Zone Domain
    Zone Specific Zone
  4. Click Continue to summary
  5. Review the summary and click Create Token
  6. You will now be taken to the created token page. Click the Copy button to copy the ID in your clipboard and paste it in the Cloudflare Manager API Token field.

    Once a token has been created, you won't able to recover it again. If you reload, or leave the page, you will have to start the process over. Make sure you copy to the clipboard the generated ID, and store it in Cloudflare Manager. For additional safety, save it someplace safe as well.

API Token Settings

Cloudflare: Retrieve Zone ID

The Zone ID is an ID created by Cloudflare that is associated to your domain name. Retrieving it is very simple.

  1. First head to Cloudflare Dashboard, login and then select the domain you want to manage (ie,
  2. Once selected you will find yourself in the Overview page with the analytics charts, scroll down and on the right sidebar you will see API -> Zone ID
  3. Click the Click to copy link to copy the ID in your clipboard and paste it in the Cloudflare Manager Zone ID field.