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    21 Jan

    We have identified and fixed a bug in Grav 1.7.0 and 1.7.1 that causes issues when using the CLI (console) GPM command to perform a self-upgrade:

    bin/gpm self-upgrade

    This results in an error like this:

    In HttpClientTrait.php line 223:
    Unsupported option "curl" passed to "Symfony\Component\H...
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    19 Jan

    After 30 developmental releases (both Beta and RC), and nearly 2 full years in development, we're proud to unleash our most significant release ever! Grav 1.7 is a massive release for us, and while it may appear quite similar to 1.6 at first glance, under the covers, Grav has had some revolutionary...

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    11 Apr

    We released Grav 1.5 back in September of 2018, and at that time we planned to have Grav 1.6 released by the end of the calendar year. Unfortunately, that didn't happen quite according to plan. This was mainly because we kept adding goodies to it, and the result has made 1.6 our biggest releas...

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    17 Aug

    Back in March of this year, we released Grav 1.4, and soon after we proposed some PHP requirement changes to our upcoming releases. Today we are proud to release Grav 1.5 which is the first step in this process.

    With Grav 1.5, the minimum requirements for Grav have been raised to PHP 5.6.4....

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    09 Mar

    Today we're proud to release Grav 1.4, which has been in development and testing since the start of December 2017. This release has been created to act as a stepping stone in the Grav development process to make some new features and functionality available earlier than previously planned, and allow...

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    06 Dec

    Grav 1.3.9 introduced a major bug that causes GPM to stop working in the Admin plugin. However, this has been fixed in version Grav 1.3.10 that is now available in the downloads, via CLI GPM, or Direct Install in the admin plugin. In response to this issue, we're going to start a new official...

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    08 Sep

    Grav 1.3.3 and Grav Admin Panel 1.6.0 are here, and so are two-factor authentication, a new gaussianBlur media method, flood protection, and more.

    Grav has come a long way over the past two years. It has grown from a simple flat-file CMS to a modular powerhouse with over 200 freely-available plu...

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    16 Jul

    The blog has been a bit quieter than normal lately, but that's only because we've been busy working on a new Grav release that contains a plethora of goodies, a variety of user requested improvements, an assortment of bug fixes, as well as a smattering of important security enhancements.

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    31 Mar

    Today we proudly released Grav 1.2 along with the 1.3 of the Admin plugin. This marks our first major release since v1.1 was released in July last year. We've been busy though! Over the past 8 months or so we had 17 releases of the Grav core, and 14 releases of the Admin plugin. In f...

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