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RocketTheme is the first premium theme provider for Grav. Over the past few months, RocketTheme has been building a comprehensive library of premium themes for the young flat-file content management system (CMS).

The Grav project was founded by members of the RocketTheme team that wanted to create a free, open source CMS that had all the features one would expect from a commercial flat-file CMS without the costs involved. There is no team in the world today that knows Grav better than the folks at RocketTheme.

Currently, RocketTheme has 10 premium themes for Grav, all powered by the Gantry 5 framework. More are being produced, including Grav versions of RocketTheme's popular Gantry 5 catalog for Joomla and WordPress. New designs are also being released regularly.

In this overview, we'll take a look a few of these themes and how they can help you get more out of Grav.



Acronym is a bold and beautiful animated theme with animated backgrounds, header text, and more. 

Acronym features a material-inspired design that combines the simple elegance of modern Web design with animated elements that create a futuristic look made for tomorrow.

What makes Acronym great for Grav? Its ability to be used as a gorgeous foundation that works brilliantly for photographers, artists, startups, and other creatives.



Versla is an excellent, Snipcart-powered e-commerce theme that is perfectly suited for Grav.  Not only can you create a gorgeous e-commerce website in minutes, but you can do so without creating a single database.

Snipcart is a brilliant solution that makes setting up a shopping cart on your site simple and painless. All you need is a compatible payment gateway, a website, and a Snipcart account.

Versla offers users a clean browsing experience that is easy to navigate and make purchases through.



Remnant is a theme that really rocks. Set up audio playlists, list tour dates and information, display pictures of your band in a beautiful image showcase, and display album art with gorgeous playable animated records.


Showcase locally-hosted audio files or your library on SoundCloud. You can also embed videos that open and play seamlessly from your home page.

Remnant is a perfect fit for musicians, bands, entertainers, and more.

Grab One or All With a Club Membership

You can pick up one or more individual Grav themes from RocketTheme or join the RocketTheme Grav Club that gives you access to RocketTheme's entire catalog of Grav themes as long as your subscription is active.

Either way, you also get access to RocketTheme's excellent support channels, discounts on over a dozen products and services that can help you hit the ground running with your next website.

So, whether you're looking for a new theme for your band, your e-commerce store, or any other project for Grav, check out RocketTheme. You'll not only get a great theme, but you'll be helping out the folks that create Grav.

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