Grav Joins the Open Collective Family

Become a Grav Project Backer

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Grav has become part of the Open Collective family! Through this incredible awesome service, we are able to promote transparency with our community, receive and manage donations, and better position ourselves to create benefits that our community will love.

Open Collective is a service that enables open source projects like Grav to receive donations in a way that allows backers to see what their contributions are going towards. Funds raised through Open Collective will enable the Grav project team to channel more resources to the project.

Webinars, meet-ups, and other community activities can be funded by contributions made through Open Collective. This will also give the Grav team a pool with which to pay third-party developers, artists, and more to create useful code, content, and materials that will make Grav the fastest, most extensible and flexible flat-file PHP CMS.

Become a Grav Backer!

Signing up to contribute to the Grav project is easy. Simply navigate to Open Collective, scroll down to the Become a Backer and Become a Sponsor sections, and choose a monthly, yearly, or one-time contribution.

Backers receive recognition on the project's Open Collective page, in addition to the eternal gratitude of the Grav project team. Grav wouldn't be able to continue to grow without the help of the Grav community and this is a great, easy way to help.

Sponsors, which donate $100/month or more, are recognized on the Open Collective page in addition to having their logo included in the official Grav project readme on GitHub.


One of the coolest features of Open Collective is the ability for us to post receipts to our page, letting you see exactly where your contributions are going. So, for example, if we use the funds the pay fees for a meet-up, that payment would be reflected in the Expenses section of the page.

Because Open Collective acts as a virtual wallet, you will be able to see Grav's yearly budget, current available funds, a list of contributions, and expenses from one convenient place.

New Discord Chat Room

In addition to joining Open Collective, we have created a new chat room in Discord that anyone can access for free to meet other Grav users, share tips and advice, as well as to find answers to questions that come up as you use Grav.

Discord is a popular choice for chat, sharing code snippets, and coordinating efforts for teams around the world. It has a powerful feature set and a beautiful interface that makes it a great fit for Grav. All you need to do to join is sign up at

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