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    29 Aug
    raspberrypi nginx php7

    Modified to bring instructions up to date for latest version of the Rasbian OS - released June 2018

    A few years ago I setup a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B as a development web server. I took note of the steps involved and over the ensuing months, I've provided those notes to individuals on our Gitter chat looking to do the same thing. I recently purchased the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which has the same form-factor, but has a faster 1.2Ghz quad core processor, built-in WIFI, and Bluetooth 4.1. I thought I would take this opportunity to update my notes, and turn them into a full blown tutorial as this seems to be a popular subject.

    In this tutorial, we cover the basics to get Raspbian OS running on your Raspberry Pi computer. We will install the high-performance nginx 1.9 webserver, along with PHP 7.0 for optimal performance. We'll also cover installing the latest Netatalk 3 with spotlight support for easy file sharing with your Mac. So read on dear listener if you would like to discover the joy of building your own full linux-powered server on a $35 computer!

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