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    22 Apr
    grav release plugin admin

    As I previously outlined in the Grav Version 1.1 Coming Soon blog post, there are many great improvements under the covers of the upcoming Grav 1.1 version. We now need your help to test these new features and functionality to ensure they are all working as intended and perform as advertised.

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    04 Aug
    release plugin admin

    I know this is the news that a huge majority of Grav users have been waiting for. Yes, you read correctly, the Standard Admin plugin that has been so-long promised, is available for beta testing!

    WARNING, WARNING, this is an important WARNING! Please understand this is a beta version, and we cannot 100% guarantee that this plugin will not mess up your data.

    This is an HTML user interface that provides a convenient way to configure Grav and easily create and modify pages. This will remain a totally optional plugin, and is not in any way required or needed to use Grav effectively. In fact, the admin provides an intentionally limited view to ensure it remains easy to use and not overwhelming. I'm sure power users will still prefer to work with the configuration files directly.

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    30 Jul

    The origins of Grav come from a personal desire to work with an open source platform that focused on speed and simplicity, rather than an abundance of built-in features that come at the expense of complexity.

    There are plenty of great open source CMS platforms out there, including personal favorites Joomla and WordPress, as well as some really promising up-and-coming platforms like PageKit.

    All of these platforms rely on a database for data persistence, are powerful, and offer a good degree of flexibility.