SnipCart Plugin

Easly add e-commerce to your site with this new plugin...

1 min

When we planned to create a simple shop skeleton to provide a demonstration of Grav being used to display products in categories, we came across a really interesting hosted shopping cart solution called SnipCart that integrates into your site with a few lines of JavaScript, CSS and some buy buttons.

In order to showcase what can be done with Grav and how easy it all is, we created a simple, yet rather elegant Grav plugin that wraps SnipCart and integrates easily with Grav.

The easiest way to check out how to implement this plugin is to download the Shop Site Skeleton and install it in a test folder under your webroot.

The skeleton package comes pre-built with the SnipCart plugin, and we have provided some sample pages that show how you could build out the structure of your product catalog.

Also, there is a template override provided in the Antimatter theme that also implements a LightSlider plugin to provide a nice JavaScript-enabled slider on the shop landing page.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out and see how easy integrating Grav with e-commerce can be.