Save on Premium Grav Themes During RocketTheme's Christmas Sale

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RocketTheme Sale

RocketTheme kicked off the week with the launch of its brand new Grav Theme Club. This enabled users to purchase premium RocketTheme themes built on the Gantry 5 framework on Grav. To make this occasion even more exciting, RocketTheme is discounting Grav themes by 50% and Club memberships by 35% during its Christmas Sale!

Grav and RocketTheme have a lot of history. In fact, Grav was created by members of the RocketTheme team. The same team that built the Gantry 5 framework which powers thousands of websites on WordPress and Joomla. Recently, Gantry 5 started supporting Grav. This made it the first theming framework to support Grav.

So, what do you get when you combine one of the most popular theme design companies, a cutting-edge theming framework, and an award winning flat-file CMS? You get a website that is blazingly fast, easy to use, and built from the ground up to be a seamless experience from stem to stern.

There are two ways to take advantage of this offer. One option enables you to purchase a single template or theme and save 50% on the regular price and enjoy lifetime support and download access for that theme.

For a very limited time, RocketTheme is taking 50% off its entire catalog of themes. This includes nearly 100 unique designs for WordPress and Joomla, and five brand new themes for Grav released just this week.

Alternatively, you can save 35% on club memberships to the Joomla, WordPress, and Grav clubs giving you immediate download and support access to RocketTheme's entire catalog for the associated platform throughout the duration of your membership. This option ensures that you always have the ability to download and try the latest Gantry template or theme, and gives you the option to add-on site licenses so you can create more Gantry-powered sites for less.

For the past two years, RocketTheme has supported Grav's development. Its team helped build Grav from its earliest development stages to where it is today. By joining the RocketTheme Grav Theme Club or purchasing one of its premium Grav themes, you not only help out the folks that built Grav, but you get access to the very first commercial themes ever created for the platform.

You also get access to RocketTheme's excellent support channels, discounts on over a dozen products and services that can help you hit the ground running with your next website, and more.

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