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Since we launched the site, we have been repeatedly asked about a forum for new Grav users. We have been focused on improving Grav and releasing updates, but after finding Muut we were able to quickly set up a powerful real-time forum for our budding community.

Forums are inherently a complicated business. We manage a very busy and active forum at so we wanted something a little bit lighter and more in line with the Grav philosophy of speed, simplicity and power. I came across a relatively new JavaScript powered solution called Muut that looked to embody the same concepts that Grav does. It's very clean, showing details and options only on hover. It's light-weight and responsive so it works well on desktop and mobile devices. Also, it has great interaction capabilities meaning you can see responses live without the need to refresh the page.

The greatest thing however, is that only takes 2 lines of code to embed Muut into Grav. Our forum page basically looks like this:

title: Forum
    markdown: false
<a class="muut" href="">Real-time discussions right on your site</a>
<script src="//"></script>

We just added a light sprinkling of CSS to create a more integrated solution and tada! Job done!

Anyway, enough talking, the best place to do that now is on our new forum.

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