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If you have been following us on Twitter you will know that along with the general development and improvement of Grav, we have been hard at work on an GUI Admin plugin. We have tweeted several screenshots from our initial design phase and also screenshots of the initial development. Things have been moving along really well and although we are not quite ready to release the plugin into the wild we are about 90% complete.

In this blog post we have provided a veritable slew of screenshots so you can see how things are progressing:

Most of the functionality displayed below will be part of the Free Admin plugin. We may provide some of the functionality in our upcoming Pro Admin plugin. Which bits will be free, and which will be pro is still an ongoing discussion.

Login Panel

The login panel will also allow you to remember your password by sending you an email.


The dashboard will provide some useful information regarding user activity, your update status, as well as reminding you to perform regular backups. There is also a list of recently modified files for quick access.

System Configuration

You will be able to set all the available system configuration options from this page. The interface makes use of sophisticated searchable drop-down select fields as well as clear and touch-friendly toggle options.

Site Configuration

The site-specific configuration options can be set from this tab within the Configuration menu item. You can easily create new Taxonomy Types or add default HTML Metadata as well as all the other standard site.yaml data.

Pages List

You can see all your pages and quickly filter or search for specific pages from the pages list.

New Page Dialog

A simple modal dialog allows for the entry of the required information when creating a new page.

Page Content Edit

This view is the Expert mode view that is available for all page types and allows for complete control of the page by exposing the YAML Frontmatter in a syntax-highlighted field. This is probably the most important page in the whole admin and by default, it provides an attractive Markdown Editor along with a live preview. Also below the editor is a drag-and-drop upload zone that allows for easy uploading of media. You can then drag the uploaded media directly into the editor and see the results in the live preview panel.

Page Options Edit

In this Expert mode there is an Options tab that allows advanced functionality such as renaming the folder, changing the parent or display template. You can easily re-order the pages in relation to sibling pages with our drag-and-drop order field.

Page Changes

Have you ever accidentally clicked a link or hit the back button while editing or creating content? Have no fear, Grav is smart enough to detect and warn you when you try to leave the page with unsaved data.

Plugins List

Grav will provide a list of plugins that are installed and with the advent of the Grav Package Manager (GPM) you will be notified of any version updates available. Also you will be able to browser and install new plugins right with a click of a button.

Plugin Edit

Click on the plugin name allows you to see the plugin details as well as set any plugin configuration options that are available.

Themes List

Similar to plugins, Grav will provide a visual display of themes that are installed and with the Grav Package Manager (GPM) you will be notified of any version updates available. Also you will be able to browser and install new themes from within the admin plugin.

Themes Edit

Click on the theme name allows you to see the theme details as well as set any theme configuration options that are availalble.

User Edit

Grav has built-in support for multiple users and even simple ACL based control. You will be able to create and edit that information via the user management section.


So that's it so far! We are anxious to get your feedback on our progress. Also please let us know of any cool ideas you have, or if you feel like something could be changed or improved.

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