Instagram Feed

1.6 compatible 1.7 compatible

Securely integrate Instagram right into your site and display basic profile information, photos and videos. Thanks to the new and secure Instagram Basic Display API, your privacy will be safe.

  1. Fast - Local Cache ensure your site will always run fast and only refresh the Feed when needed.
  2. Customizable - Build the perfect layout and styling around your Instagram Feed.
  3. Automated Token Refresh - Integration with Grav's Scheduler guarantees automatic and frequent Token refreshes.
  4. Secure - Instagram Feed uses the recommended and new Instagram Basic Display API which minimizes data exposure and ensures safety and privacy.

Custom Layouts

Show off your Instagram Feed with custom layouts and styling.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about the Instagram Feed plugin

  • The Instagram Basic Display API utilizes 60 day long-lived tokens after which you are forced to re-login. The Instagram Feed plugin provides two ways for manually and automatically refresh the token. Learn more from the documentation.